Ecosorb® is the solution for any industry that produces nuisance smells.



Groupe DHB provides solutions to municipalities as our products eliminate a wide range of odours.


Cannabis Industry

Our mixture of purified water, surfactant and natural plant oils eliminates cannabis odours.

Natural and organic odour neutralizer

Effective because of Science. Safe because of Nature.

We distribute Ecosorb®, leader for natural, safe, effective and complete solutions for eliminating odours for all industries. Ecosorb® odour removing products don’t mask smells, they remove them for good by breaking down and neutralizing the odour molecules. These plant-based, non-toxic products are safe for people and the planet.

ECOSORB is not just a powerful neutralizer. It is also clinically-proven to be effective at breaking down harmful gases.


Ecosorb® is a large-spectrum odour neutralizer used in many sectors: sewage treatment plants, processing plants, dumping grounds, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper processing plants, and all kinds of other industries. It is often used in filtration and air treatment systems to control odours generated by industrial processes. Ecosorb® is a blend of natural essential oils from plants. It is safe for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. Non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly.

"Ecosorb® uses the power of plants to remove odours, making you a better neighbour and a more responsible citizen."


Ecosorb® uses the natural power of plant oils to remove odours.



Non-toxic, harmless, biodegradable, fireproof and without harmful VOCs.



Our engineers create personalized solutions for complete odour control.

How does Ecosorb® work?

Tried and Tested Odour Remover!

Some facilities experience mixed results with multi-million dollar ventilation systems.Others use masking agents which only temporarily provide relief from bothersome smells. But when you want to provide relief to your employees and neighbours, only Ecosorb® removes industrial odours naturally, safely, effectively, and completely.


For the Past 25 Years

Canadian Distributor of Ecosorb®

Founded in 1995, Groupe DHB is a Quebec business specializing in industrial odour removal. For more than 25 years, Groupe DHB has been a distributor of Ecosorb®, world leader in natural odour elimination products, for industrial, commercial and private use.

We have the solution

to industrial odour problems

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